Monday, July 2, 2012

DNS MALWARE Check Up Recommended

DNS MALWARE Check Up Recommended 
 Please take a moment to give your computers a DNS CHECKUP to ensure that your computer has not been infected with malware.   The FBI has so far provided its own internal "FIX" for known issues and as of July 9th, they have decided to discontinue the fix.   By checking your computer now you can avoid the potential loss of internet connectivity.
YOUR WEBSITE DOMAINS ARE NOT AT RISK.    If you need additional assistance, please contact SmartChoice Center for software that can remove malware.  There is no charge to existing clients.

Since November the Federal Bureau of Investigation has authorized the operation of servers to allow infected computers to run normally, but those servers were scheduled to go offline at midnight.
Comcast Corp. CMCSA -0.29% has reached out to customers with infected machines. Verizon Communications Inc. plans to link those who lose connectivity to the Internet with technicians who can remove the malware. AndAT&T Inc. T +0.31% said it has taken steps to make sure none of its customers lose their Internet connections.
A Web page used to diagnose whether a malware problem exists.


FOR ADDITIONAL ASSISTANCE CALL: 636-544-8810 or via email:

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